Monday, 10 October 2016

Turkey & Leaves & Pie & Rain

Thanksgiving is here, and the colours and flavours of Autumn are in full force. There was a calmness about this weekend that was soothing and inspiring and joyful all at once. My family was all together, laughing and eating and working together. Being in the middle of October, my brother and I had plenty of studying and assignments to do, yet spurts of family time, walks in the golden light, and breaks for coffee and pie made everything so wonderful. The focus on thankfulness is special and of great necessity to remind us of God's blessings in our lives - not just on one lone Monday in October, but every day, every hour, every minute. 

My 2016 Thanksgiving List 

the amino acids, 20 beautiful little structures so perfect in every way that build up proteins and support the many functions of life 
chocolatey chai tea with a splash of milk, steeped extra long 
purple/grey nail polish
quilts to surround oneself with
conquering one month of my fourth year of university! (what. what.) 
johnnyswim, my new favorite duo (thank you fixer upper for leading me to these dreamy voices)
my university and its diverse array of humans
family coffee and/or latte time
the fact that God has not called us to be "busy" but to be fruitful
peace that passes understanding 
friends that message me sweet words out of the blue 
drives home with Wes and Shelby 
the maple tree that grows tall and confident in the backyard
the oak tree I found near my house - it's beautiful 
the ability to walk and dance and leap for joy 
the ability to study and understand and recall information
my job as a peer tutor 
leading a university alliance for pre-medicine students. so much learning, so much growth
how hard my mom works 
my dad's kindness and gentleness 
my brother's growth this past year

Jeepers, I could go on. God is so good! He loves us and rejoices when we prosper and are in good health. What are you thankful for this season? 

Much love, Vivi