Friday, 27 June 2014

Reasons to be Happy

1. Currant scones with extravagant toppings
2. The sweetest of moms enjoying one of said scones.. :)
3. Ranunculas that have actually grown from their potted bulbs. There were my very first gardening endeavour, so, I em, thought they may be closer to a flop than a garden beauty. However, their leaves are looking mighty promising as of late.
4. A new tea cup to add to the overflowing (but never too large) collection
5. Stir fried tofu, spinach and onion atop a bed of quinoa. I love cooking! It certainly took a few burns to get into the swing of things... ;)
6. A special Father's Day present
7. Strawberry rhubarb pie. Mouth-watering fruit sweetness. Mmm yes. Good memories.

Although not pictured, the happiest thing of all is that my Chemistry class is complete! I was nervous about taking a condensed class, but God strengthened my through every lab, midterm, and exam. He is so good, and when times were stressful He provided a way out for me to de-stress. It came in the form of family, baking, reading a simple novel. Nothing is too difficult for God. Helping me through this class is certainly evidence of that!

As for the two months ahead of me? I have turned off the "school crazy" button and flicked on the summer time switch. It may sound like a dream to have such an easy going schedule all of a sudden, but after a year of non-stop school and deadlines, it can take me a while to get used to a relaxed, laid-back season of life. My plans, although very welcome to spontaneity, include spending ample amounts of time in the sun (think hikes and long walks), seeing family and friends, and volunteering. A goal I have is to write down "reasons to be happy" everyday, and I'll share them here weekly. Looking forward to a season of celebrating every little bit of God's goodness.   

Much love, Vivi

Sunday, 8 June 2014

two from today

Today marked another glorious June day. This morning I looked after the five year olds at church and witnessed the sweetest moment.
boy 1: "Gimme back my car!"
*friend wacks him in the head with it*
boy 1: "Ouch!! Teacher he hurt me!"
me: "No hitting boys. Lets take turns with the cars."
*boys look at each other sheepishly*
boy 2: "May I please play with the car now?"
boy 1: "yes..."
*hands car over slowly*
me: "can you say you're sorry for hitting your friend?"
boy 2: "I'm sorry..."
boy 1, with THE biggest and most genuine smile: "I forgive you!"
*playing happily for the remainder of the morning*
Oh, little kids. I love them so.
In other news, my Chemistry class has only three weeks left! I am beyond excited. One midterm and two finals to go and it will all be behind me. I'm looking forward to a summer full of hikes, watermelon & good reads. Ameeeen!
Much love, Vivi