Friday, 21 September 2012

The Garden

My mom grew up in a flower-covered home in the middle of Zimbabwe. When she was a little girl, she would spend her days discovering new plants and reading in her mom's flower oasis. They had lilies towering over small children, roses and "dinner plate" dahlias fully blooming, and colors able to captivate the heart of anyone who crossed their path. Flash forward a few decades later, and here I am, admiring the sweet scents and colors of the garden my mom has so lovingly grown. Give her any kind of flower, and she'll give you its name off by heart. One day, I hope to have a garden like the ones my mom and her mom have grown. And maybe, just maybe, this little tradition will be passed down to another generation someday..:) 

Much love, Vivi

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moments of rest

With the routine of school days now again in full swing, I find the hours of my day filled with activities and less and less time to just, relax. The days of go-go-go are back again, and the lazy days of Summer have quickly said goodbye. I remember this time last year I was overwhelmed. With a sudden burst of what seemed endless activity, I found myself getting wrapped up in it all, and forgot how important it is to rest. As I entered Grade 12, I had to remind myself of this. Resting is key. Rejuvenation is key. In this season of life, full of activities, God has revealed to me how important it is to find rest in Him, and Him alone. Right when I get home from school, I open up my bible and dive into God's word. And it feels so good. So peaceful. 

Much love, Vivi

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friends// shelby & tanner

Meet Shelby and Tanner. Shelby, seriously amazing dancer with a love of pink and red Volkswagen beetles. Tanner, stylish arm candy for Shelby. ;) Seriously, look at those coordinating outfits.  Shelby is one of my good friends and a loyal photography buddy, as you can see in this fun post. These two met in high school, where I met them both as well, and will be attending the same university in January!
Shelby teaching Tanner a few dance moves... ;)
Haha ohhh these two make me laugh!
Thanks for being my models for the evening, you two! And thanks for being so good-looking. ;)

Much love, Vivi

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Whispers of fall

cuddly scarves. pumpkin everything. burnt orange leaves. long evenings. thanksgiving.  

Fall is so close that I can hardly stop thinking about it. I went outside to try and take pictures of fall beauty, but realized that I'm probably going to have to wait another month until the colours make their full appearance.... I am so ready for everything that fall has to offer!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Adventures with nature

With Autumn officially two weeks away, I think it's important to enjoy these last long Summer days. To me, that means roaming through my mom's garden, camera in hand, capturing each angle of beauty that nature puts forth. It means picking the last strawberries off our plants and slowly biting into them, letting their sweet juices go everywhere. It means riding in the car, windows down, the golden evening sun leaking in through the windows.

What does the end of Summer mean to you?

Much love, Vivi

p.s. notice the better quality? I got a new camera! :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ode to summer

Dear Summer,
I'm going to miss your lazy mornings, your breakfasts at 11, your snacks of fresh blueberries
Your blooming flowers, bright blue skies, bowls full of blackberries
Your fire-side s'mores, picnics on blankets, fruit fondues
Thanks for your golden light, your perfect rays of sun
I'm going to miss your afternoon breeze, your evening moonlight
I'll never forget the lessons of love you taught me, how being a blessing is more important than receiving one
And thank you for giving way to falling leaves, crisp air, apples ripening on trees
Thank you that you came, and thank you that you're coming again.