Saturday, 8 September 2012

Adventures with nature

With Autumn officially two weeks away, I think it's important to enjoy these last long Summer days. To me, that means roaming through my mom's garden, camera in hand, capturing each angle of beauty that nature puts forth. It means picking the last strawberries off our plants and slowly biting into them, letting their sweet juices go everywhere. It means riding in the car, windows down, the golden evening sun leaking in through the windows.

What does the end of Summer mean to you?

Much love, Vivi

p.s. notice the better quality? I got a new camera! :)


  1. i bet those things taste delicious! I hope I can plant like I planned on next summer I want to plan strawberries and some green veggies!

  2. Lovely pictures, Vivi! What kind of camera did you get? :)

  3. this is wonderful. lovely new camera you have there! x

  4. Gorgeous photos :)
    Spring is just beginning here & I'm looking forward to lots of fresh fruit & veges, walks on the beach & warm summer evenings

  5. That photo of the strawberries in the beautifully trimmed bowl made me gasp;) Stunning snapshots of a lovely summer. I will last summer in SEOUL! However I am excited to escape the monsoon season, and enter the turning of the leaves and warm jackets!

  6. i love the photos!
    especially the colors. the blue flowers look so pretty.

  7. lovely photos dear.
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Blog: Oh it's Juno

  8. Growing up in a country town, end of Summer always meant getting ready for pumpkin patches, crisp morning air, and Sunday football. Now that I'm here in the desert, it doesn't feel like the end of Summer until about November, but at least football season has started! Loved your pretty post!

  9. I love all these pictures!