Monday, 3 September 2012

Ode to summer

Dear Summer,
I'm going to miss your lazy mornings, your breakfasts at 11, your snacks of fresh blueberries
Your blooming flowers, bright blue skies, bowls full of blackberries
Your fire-side s'mores, picnics on blankets, fruit fondues
Thanks for your golden light, your perfect rays of sun
I'm going to miss your afternoon breeze, your evening moonlight
I'll never forget the lessons of love you taught me, how being a blessing is more important than receiving one
And thank you for giving way to falling leaves, crisp air, apples ripening on trees
Thank you that you came, and thank you that you're coming again.


  1. Awe! i love this post. so cute. i will miss summer, but fall's a coming ;)

  2. Cute Vivi! Love the pictures :)

  3. This is SO sweet. I love the pictures and the words and those berries look delicious. <3

  4. gorgeous photgraphy, loveur blog <3

  5. I have so much nostalgia for summer, and I can see you do too! I love the picture of you laughing, you look so happy!

  6. This post is so beautiful. I love your photography and your words. This makes me happy, but sad that summer has already gone by so fast.

  7. I had a nice summer day today so this made me even happier! ^_^ Awesome pictures too.

  8. Me love summer too!!!
    Great pictures hun ^_^
    The Sweet Life

  9. Again, gorgeous pictures, and such simple, eloquent writing~ you really have a knack even at such a young, vibrant age of enjoying life's little pleasures and blessings. I always enjoy stopping by your blog!