Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friends// shelby & tanner

Meet Shelby and Tanner. Shelby, seriously amazing dancer with a love of pink and red Volkswagen beetles. Tanner, stylish arm candy for Shelby. ;) Seriously, look at those coordinating outfits.  Shelby is one of my good friends and a loyal photography buddy, as you can see in this fun post. These two met in high school, where I met them both as well, and will be attending the same university in January!
Shelby teaching Tanner a few dance moves... ;)
Haha ohhh these two make me laugh!
Thanks for being my models for the evening, you two! And thanks for being so good-looking. ;)

Much love, Vivi


  1. miss photographer you did an awesome job! we had so much fun with you! i'll be your model any day <3

  2. these photos are brilliant, and they are just too cute! lovely post. photoshoots are so much fun x - Jianine

  3. I love these pictures!! THey look so happy. :) adorable.

  4. These are just SO adorable! You can really tell how connected they are. Great job of capturing that. :)


  5. What a cute young couple, I bet they love these photos!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I like how you capture them so naturally. That's the real art of it really....forced looking pictures are kind of eh, but these are really great because they look so natural. :)