Sunday, 8 June 2014

two from today

Today marked another glorious June day. This morning I looked after the five year olds at church and witnessed the sweetest moment.
boy 1: "Gimme back my car!"
*friend wacks him in the head with it*
boy 1: "Ouch!! Teacher he hurt me!"
me: "No hitting boys. Lets take turns with the cars."
*boys look at each other sheepishly*
boy 2: "May I please play with the car now?"
boy 1: "yes..."
*hands car over slowly*
me: "can you say you're sorry for hitting your friend?"
boy 2: "I'm sorry..."
boy 1, with THE biggest and most genuine smile: "I forgive you!"
*playing happily for the remainder of the morning*
Oh, little kids. I love them so.
In other news, my Chemistry class has only three weeks left! I am beyond excited. One midterm and two finals to go and it will all be behind me. I'm looking forward to a summer full of hikes, watermelon & good reads. Ameeeen!
Much love, Vivi

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