Sunday, 18 December 2011

Day 19

This morning I was feeling pleasantly comfortable with my braces. Almost too comfortable. The fact that I couldn't feel them when I woke up actually worried me. They had been so painful that the absence of pain gave me more of a shock than the pain did! So, I checked them out in the mirror out of curiosity. Imagine my surprise when a little something was missing. Wait, isn't there supposed to be a hunk of metal on that tooth?! Mmhmm. I swallowed a bracket. I panicked. I may have even whimpered. Sooo, if I swallowed a bracket.... that means it's inside me turning my insides to shreads.. right? Well, according to the orthodontist, swallowing brackets is perfectly normal! She told me that people come in all the time with missing brackets that have disappeared to who knows where! Whew. I did feel somewhat relieved to know that no one had died from bracket consumption before. Next thing I knew, another bracket was being cemented on (yes, they actually call it cement!) and I was free to go. They even gave me more floss! Score.

The second week of braces is almost at a close and it already feels like a month has passed. I've swallowed a bracket, coped through a class debate with a lisp, and flossed like a maniac. First two weeks are going pretty well, I'd say!

Andddd here is a picture!

Much love, Vivi

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