Thursday, 19 January 2012

If we canteloupe, lettuce marry

Life is wonderful.
The moment when you're...

eating someone else's delicious sandwich. They realise this. They demand my sandwich in return. I sheepishly slide over a sat-upon liver paste sandwich. Of course they totally got the better end of that deal. Pfff. Lucky bum.

tutoring a younger boy in chemistry and slipping on the word "acids", due to braces, saying instead a rather vulgar body part. Laughing at myself hysterically, because, well, it was hilarious, if I do say so myself. Too bad he had noooo idea what was going on in this loopy mind of mine.

doing highly attractive faces to my friend across the choir room and not so soon after realising that the entire tenor section was pretty entranced. From the looks on their faces it was as if they had never seen a girl pull a Donald duck face before. How sad.

waking up to a wonderfully warm cat bum. Oh, did I mention it was in my face? Yay! Cat bum! Little one never fails to surprise me.

getting the offer to go out for coffee from my brother. And he's paying. Oh yes. Brother from heaven.

making up a pretty darn intelligent vegetable rap. By myself. In the shower. Just living the fast life folks!

Much love, Vivi

//The Details
jacket// Suzy shier 
sweater// bluenotes
boots// Sterling
floral ring// Forever 21
oval ring// handmade by my grandpa


  1. Lovely outfit!

    Kisses Anne

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    You're histerically funny and you write really well! I'm really gonna try out the banana bread recipe once I'm well (stomach flu, blah).

    You have lovely style by the way and I'm really impressed your grandpa made your ring!

    Of course I follow you, feel free to follow me. :)

  3. love love love the rings! & the braided hair-do! So cute :)

  4. Young and smart, I so much admire you. I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm happy to present you a Cute Blog Award. Please do check it out.

  5. wow... i spent almost an hour seeing ur blog! its fantastic, love ur pics a lot! and i must say that i feel very hungry before seeing those delicious eatable things lolol... and of course ur style is very nice! Ty very much for leaving a comment @ my blog! i follow u from now doll! and keep on going making those such a beautiful pics! u rock babe! ;)
    Pili .)