Sunday, 18 March 2012

Of lattes and long walks

You know when you eat way too much and you feel bad so you go on a really long walk in the rain to burn off a fraction of the calories? So fun.
A couple of days ago my family and I took a trip to our favourite cafe, Milsean Shoppe. We've spent countless happy Sunday afternoons at this adorable cafe, drinking lattes and being silly. Just doing what we do best.. .:)
I tried the Milsean DCB latte for the first time and it definitely didn't disappoint! Topped with homemade butter crunch, whipped cream and swirls of caramel and chocolate, I was in latte heaven.

My latte really needed a friend. So I was nice and gave him a steak and Guinness pie for some company. Just one look with those big creamy eyes and I couldn't help but cave. ;)
Back home, we went for a long walk and it started pouring rain! We were all drenched by the time we made it back home, but we had so much fun!

Much love, Vivi


  1. Lovely day and tasty food!! :)

  2. dat food looks soo good!

  3. woow!! your blog is amazing
    keep posting and go for it!


  4. This sounds fantastic! Your latte looks incredible : )


  5. I don't drink coffee, but I would really like to try that latte right now! :D

  6. Ohh that latte looks so delicious!

    x Camilla

  7. Glad you had a nice weekend, regardless of the rain. I don't drink coffee, but that latte sure looks delish :]

  8. Nothing like long walks! And mmm, your treats look yummy <3

    Trendy Teal

  9. That latte looks... heavenly. I am in awe.

  10. Hope you had a great weekend! Yummy treats you got there!

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  12. homemade butter crunch and swirls of caramel. oh my.
    walks in the rain and laughter, perfect.

  13. wow that latte looks delicious! I enjoy spending time at various coffee shops as well and people watch. It's fun. :)
    Happy Monday

    1. Have you ever try Crème Caramel Latte that is more and more tasty then any other coffee product

  14. I'm not a coffee person but WOW! That Milsean DCB latte looks like dessert!

  15. OMG! That latte looks absolutely YUMMY!!!