Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bake up a storm

Chrsitmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the festivities, the twinkling lights, and of course, the BAKING! To celebrate the beginning of this Christmas season, I thought I would share a few baking inspirations that have kept my sweet tooth satisfied this year, and would make a lovely addition to any Christmas party.

Chocolate hazelnut macaroons
The most delicious pumpkin scones/cookies
Walnut coffee cake
Classic peanut butter cookies
Lemon meringue pie
Chocolate chip banana bread - I have made this recipe many many times since I posted it! It is the BEST banana bread known to man.
Happy Baking!

Much love, Vivi


  1. No.WAY. I was just taljking the other day with people about how I've never had a macaroon but i want to because they loojk pretty good and i love their name and then today when im strolling along you jkust happen to psot a picture of the most delicious lookjing macaroons! haha. Awesome. Those all look delicious<3

  2. these treats look amazingggg! i definitely will be making some of them:) thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I think I've only had banan bread a handful of times. That looks delish! You just made me want something sweet. Cheers!