Wednesday, 2 October 2013

In every season

As I write this, warm fuzzy socks cover my feet and a light pitter patter of rain hits the concrete outside. Each morning the lawn wakes up to new crunchy, rich-coloured leaves on its surface. Chilly air means big scarves are brought out and Summer tees are packed away. Clearly, it's autumn! With my assignments and studying out of the way, I decided to share a few snap shots of my favourite "creative endeavor" of the moment. Watercolours, watercolours! Whether it be on cards or in my sketchbook, I can't get away from it... ;) On another note, pumpkin pie really needs to get into my belly sometime soon. Decorative pumpkins are great, but you can't eat them and douse them in whipped cream and cinnamon. Ya feel me?

Much love, Vivi


  1. i wish we have autumn here in indonesia. i love the weather. but, i feel you. curled up in bed with socks, whipped cream and coffee watching movies or reading can never be more right than that.

  2. It sounds wonderful there! I'm hoping Autumn will come to Texas soon. I also love watercolors--I use them in pencil form--and you have inspired me to take more time out of my day to use them. I am also craving pumpkin pie.