Sunday, 4 May 2014

the trees, how they whistle

I've missed this little blog of mine for far too long! Photos have been piling up on my camera with no blog posts being written. But! With exams behind me and my first year of University complete (WOOT!) I'm able to at last share these few frames! 

My friend Laurel came over for a spontaneous visit/photo shoot/laughter fest the other day. We took hold of the evening's golden light and the flourishing nature and snapped hundreds (almost hundreds... actually! haha ;) of photos. Life has been particularly delicious recently. Delicious food got me through exams, lots and lots of it... Strawberry salads, pumpkin loaves, dark chocolate, plentiful fresh fruit, oh baby! Mm mmm. 

In other news, the summer semester starts in just two short days. Is it strange that I'm excited to start my chemistry class? Two months of chem labs and learning all about molecules and reactions. The nerd in me cheers loudly and hollers out a woot woot! Let's see if I'm still this excited one month in.... ;) Until next time, friends, I hope you are basking in the beauty of spring time!
Much love, Vivi  

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