Saturday, 9 August 2014

Living: Things to do more of

Often I think of things that I need to do less of. Less time on the computer, less negative thinking, less eating of chocolate for lunch.. etc. But the only time doing less of these things is really worthwhile is when we replace the less of something with the more of something else.
This morning I listened to a Joyce Meyer podcast and she said something that really struck me. Instead of focusing on not thinking negative thoughts, we should simply think positive ones! By doing this, there isn't any room left for negative thoughts. Positive, life-giving thoughts take up so much room that negative ones can't even make their way in.
Instead of thinking about what I shouldn't be doing, I'm changing my focus onto what I should increase in my life. Here are a few things that continue to inspire me and I hope that they may do the same for you.
More art. More creativity!
More taking action and simply doing what I love with boldness that it doesn't have to be perfect or look like Picasso.
More smiling.
More waking up praising God for the day that is.
More living in the present and enjoying each thing that I do.
More red lipstick.
More rocking the style that I love with confidence. More boldness in who I am in Christ. More natural beauty.
More comfort in my own skin.
More conversation.
 More caring about people's hearts and dreams.
More listening to what they have to say.
More brainy books. More knowledge, more truth.
More peace. More honest, simple living.
More roasted vegetables, creamy oatmeal, green tea.
More catchy music. More dancing in the kitchen to songs I've never heard before.
More forgiveness.  

Much love, Vivi


  1. awhhh beautiful photos, love the one with the hummingbird :)

  2. Such great advice. I have heard so much about Joyce Meyers, but have never listened to any of her podcasts. I must!

    Wishing you a week of more!!:)

  3. The colours in that first pic though.. so great! Your thoughts are also great :) love this!