Monday, 17 October 2011

Blue Polka Dot Nail Tutorial!

I really really love polka dots. I suppose you could call me a polka dot enthusiast, and since blue happens to be one of my favourite colours, this nail design couldn't be more fun! It is incredibly easy to create, and the end result is instantly classy while still remaining youthful. If blue isn't your favourite, this nail design is possible with all combinations of colours. I'm quite tempted to try a deep purple and lilac with gold dots. Experimenting with nail art is a great way to get creative without embarking on a huge project, which will never get finished... Yes, I'm talking to you last year's scarf!

Supplies needed: Navy, powder blue, and sliver polish, tape, crafty scissors, and a bobby pin.

Step 1~ Paint nails with a strengthening base coat, and then paint on your first colour. I chose this lovely soft blue.

Step 2~ Cut a piece of tape in half with a pair of funky scissors. You can buy these at any craft store, and a few dollar stores as well.

      Step 3~ Place the pieces of tape at an angle along your nails and make sure they are firmly pressed down. Then, take your darker colour, and paint the remaining area! It may look messy now but have faith!
Wa-laaa! Your gorgeous nails are almost complete! Gently peel the tape off to reveal a really fun design.

Step 4 ~   Now for the polka dots. In my first polka dot nail tutorial, I talked about using bobby pins to get perfect circles. I'm going to use that same method again to create lovely little dots on the dark halves of my nails.

And here we have the finished product!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful! Now, go paint them nails girl! And don't be afraid to play with your colour combos, experimenting is almost always rewarding. Happy painting!

Much love, Vivi

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