Sunday, 16 October 2011


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have officially eaten enough turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie to last at least another year. Thanksgiving food makes me happy. And pretty darn thankful. It was so much fun to decorate the house with autumn themed goodies, like mini pumpkins and a gorgeous scarecrow wreath. Autumn colours have always been my all time favourite, and Thanksgiving is the best excuse to cover the house in colours of rich plums, forest greens, and deep shades of burgundy.
I know that this post is coming up a bit late, but I was taking so many photos and wanted to share them all.

I made a friend on my walk! Let's call him Victorious.
Our cozy fireplace..
My mom and brother, how I love these people!
My favourite shot of the evening.

Cuddly scarves and crafty wreaths just scream autumn wonder.
Some vibrant leaves found in my backyard, and a vegan apple pie baked specially for my brother!

Such an awe inspiring view. This curtain of trees lead into our neighbors horse stables.

And... last but not least, a fully adorned pumpkin spice latte, and a glorious Autumn road. Ahh, so much love for this season!

Much love, Vivi

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