Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hello friends! I know I haven't been blogging regularly lately, but with all of this glorious weather we've been having, I find myself trying to squeeze every minute of it with hikes, runs, and tanning on the back deck! :) Also, yesterday was my birthday and I turned seventeen! I had such an amazing day spent with my family. We went to our favourite lake for a BBQ, and the day was so relaxing. Hopefully you can see how beautiful it was from the pictures below! Nature was at its best, and we were surrounded by towering evergreens and  beautiful streams. In the evening I went to my youth's summer party. Chad Veech, a speaker from down South, spoke on faith and it was so amazing! I definitely left feeling encouraged and challenged to have more faith in God's plan for my life. Then chaos was let loose in a massive water fight outside. I was thoroughly soaked. And thoroughly soaked many unassuming victims. ;) Here's a little piece of my day.....
{ Birthday outfit! Although I changed later into lake appropriate clothes... :) Top and pants from Bluenotes, sandals from Payless Shoe Source } 

{ fresh raspberries from our garden }
{ my mom and brother! my dad was getting the BBQ started for some grilling }
{ we were so blessed with amazing sunshine! }
{ down by the lake }
{ wild berry galette about to be baked! SO delicious! }
{ trails speckled with light }
{ first thing in the morning, opening presents! These little guys go in the Smash book I got }

{ more beautiful scenes }
This past year of my life has been life changing. God has shown me so much about who He is and what He has for my life. At the end of Grade eleven, I read through all of my journals and was amazed at how much I've grown. Little things that used to bother me don't anymore. Mean comments from people that used to hurt me, don't affect me anymore. And I can give only one reason: Faith. If it wasn't for faith, I would be a worrying mess. Faith is the reason I don't let mean comments affect me anymore, because I know at the very base of my soul that there is a God who loves me and accepts me exactly the way I am, every flaw and imperfection included. There is a God who knows the plan He has perfected for my life, and the divine purpose that He has blessed me with. I feel so encouraged to look back at everything that God has done, because it makes me even more excited to experience what is to come! On my own, I could never have done a musical and fit in time for youth group. On my own, I could never have written a blog and still keep my grades up. God's strength has carried me through this past year, and I am so looking forward to this next one! :)

Much love, Vivi


  1. Happy birthday, Vivi! (Love your name, btw)

    I'm happy you had such an awesome 17th birthday. I had my 17th almost a year ago (just a couple weeks to go!) and it was so awesome. Love your purple lace top!

    Rachel Keeth // Lavender & Honey

  2. happy seventeenth! i bet you had fun down by the creek...i love that sort of stuff!
    thank you for commenting on my blog! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a lovely day! Wish we could steal some of your nice weather, its been horrid here in England. My seventeenth was over 10 years ago (yep Im 28 Now.It may seem like way off but trust me the time goes sooo fast) and well I wish I could of been more like you back then. You are so positive and confident and apprecitate everything. Its lovely to see that in a young person and keep up the great blog.

    Take care

    Gems xx

  4. Happy Birthday :)
    Sounds like a great day & love your birthday outfit too xo

  5. Happy Birthday!!! 17 is such a great age. Your birthday outfit is very adorable; glad to see your day was so great. :)


  6. Happy Birthday, Vivi! Keep growing strong in the Lord! :)

  7. happy birthday, dear!
    you look so pretty! <3


  8. So awesome! What a great family!

  9. You are gorgeous!!!!! I love your outfit! I love the way that you write sounds like a perfect day! :)

  10. happy birthday!! enjoy being seventeen - my best friend and I always agree it was the best year of our teens! :)

  11. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day <3 x