Monday, 5 November 2012

A November Weekend

{fresh avocados for a snack}
{homemade lattes with pumpkin spice whipped cream}
{raindrops hitting the window pane}
{soup full of fall flavors}
{Starbucks Christmas drinks with friends}
{Sunday attire: navy and white heart dress with a yellow cardigan}
Add seven hours at my job and many more hours spent doing homework, and you have a pretty accurate picture of this first weekend in November. 'Tis a beautiful time of year indeed! I have something very exciting to share with you in the next few days... :) It will determine the course of my life, and I'm itching to share. All will be revealed in a few short days...

Much love, Vivi 


  1. The avocado,latte, and coffee with friends looks amazing! And I love the outfit. I am so happy the weekend was nice, I had a really nice first weekend of November as well. Can't wait to hear the news, remember, whatever happens it is the Lord's will!

  2. oh gosh, i'm so excited to hear (see) the new news! lovely post, love your outfit and your photos :) xx

  3. Very excited to hear your news, and until then...YUM to the pumpkin latte! HOORAY to that adorable blouse+yellow cardi, and as usual, a lovely dose of sweet photos and tidbits from your journey;)

  4. Can't wait to hear the news. ;) And lovely pictures, btw! The soup looks delish!

  5. Looks lovely. Some of my favorite things up there! Love coffee and rain. <3

  6. What is it! I want to know haha! I love your pictures by the way!