Thursday, 3 January 2013

City Walls

This is my friend Shelby. Her face definitely is a regular here on the blog! ;) Last night we ventured deep into the downtown parts of the city in hopes that we might catch the beautiful evening light. And what did we find? Industrial city walls just begging to be captured.
You can see our Summer shoohere and our Autumn shoot here. Only one season left to complete a full year of photo shooting... :) We're ready for you, Spring!

Much love, Vivi


  1. gorgeous pictures, Vivi! i love the one of her reflection... you two are so gorgeous. :)


  2. I love her fishtail braid, and her cute little bow! My wedding save the date was in front of some city industrial walls. Actually on my last post that pic was used...with the half blue wall half brick. :)

  3. lovely photos of lovely ladies!!

  4. Lovely post! The pictures are sooooo awesome!

  5. Very fun post. I really love the 2nd-to-last photo with the red and blue wall. Happy New Year!