Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cupcakes galore

Remember how I talked about eating cupcakes for breakfast in my last post? These would be the victims. I used a chocolate cake box mix for the cake, and a classic butter cream for the icing. If you have never used butter cream for your icing before, I encourage you to try it out! Trust me, you'll never use pre-made frosting again. A homemade icing takes an average cupcake and transforms it into something spectacular. I blogged about my all time favourite butter cream here. 
These easy cupcakes are perfect to make when you have a free afternoon and your sweet-tooth won't back down.. ;) Happy baking!

Much love, Vivi 


  1. Can't wait to try a new buttercream! i don't like many, so i'm trying to find that perfect one! these cupcakes look delish!
    jules from