Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday night lists


avocado sliced on a bed of greens with pumpkin seeds, flax, cashews, balsamic and strawberries
Mushroom spinach omelet with sliced avocado and balsamic on side
Peppers, carrots and string beans in a stir fry 

around the world in 80 days by Jules Verne
The Tongue by Charles Capps 
Genesis & Matthew
Kristen Roger's photography blog
Andria Lindquist's photography blog  

listening to:
far too much country- Shania Twain and Braid Paisley have stolen my heart
favorites include: Don't be Stupid, Remind me, That don't impress me much. Listen now, thank me later.
The Bahamas
Hill song United

why I love winter:
foggy skies 
the sound of boots walking over crunchy ice-covered grass   
steaming tea on cosy evenings
stunning sunsets
a time to knit & crochet and wear the results
snuggling under quilts 
bundling up under five layers and braving the cold for a rejuvenating walk 
Winter soups: especially cream of celery & black bean soup with leek

Much love, Vivi 


  1. How cool. I love this post. :) Please come and follow my blog <3 thanks

  2. Wow. I love your pictures! So pretty. Your lists are amazing. I love country too! Jason Aldean, Gary Allen, and Brantley Gilbert are just a few of my favorites. xx

  3. love your list! and those pictures :) x

  4. I'm loving your lsit and photos and Brad Paisley<3