Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Documenting Today: a photo (or two) an hour

9 am//
10 am// 
11 am//
12 pm//1 pm//2 pm//

3 pm//
4 pm//

5 pm//6 pm//
7 pm//
8 pm//
 9 am// making a healthy breakfast with some green tea; mr. inky saying good morning
10 am// eating breakfast and doing devotions outside with the lillies
11 am// talking with the big brother while he plans my future ;)
12 pm// making a "recipe" for a healthy marriage for a friend's bridal shower
1 pm// outside in the sun with my neighbor's dog
2 pm// eating THE most amazing lemon biscotti while reading "The Source" by James Michener
3 pm// while washing dishes I saw a little hummingbird visiting our flowers
4 pm// taking a break from closet organizing
5 pm// listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast with mom beading away in front of me
6 pm// inspired by Ana Rifle's stationary to water colour dainty flowers
7 pm// my just-finished-a-fabulous-breakfast-for-dinner smile
8 pm// and when the heat of the day cools off, perfect running weather is created.
Not pictured: Organizing my closet for about two hours, a long long warm shower, and a delicious but very un photogenic lunch of noodles :)


  1. your porch looks so lovely.

  2. What a fantastic idea! I love how you captured your day, it seemed full of joy:) Especially love the bit about laying down outside, reading a novel!

  3. lovely post and photos :) i did this on my blog a week ago as well! x

  4. this is such a great idea! i might have to do this too!
    ps - i've had that lemon biscotti before & it is amazing!

  5. So many things I love about this post....especially the dog, the hummingbird, and the biscotti!

  6. Wonderful idea, I may have to try it myself, and link back to you of course. Those biscotti do look amazing, did you make them?