Tuesday, 8 September 2015

After the Storm

Last week wild winds stormed over our home and towering trees swayed back and forth with the threat of catastrophe. A few people passed by in cars, and brave pedestrians clad with large coats and scarves trekked out into the storm with little dogs trotting out in front on leashes. Over the course of the storm, 500,000 homes were left without power.
Although I missed the hot tea and lights illuminating the evening, there is something almost magical about a power outage. The darkness is lit by a motley array of candles, with everything from scented, tall, beeswax to soy. The bright flames flicker back and forth, and the warmth of the golden light makes up for the lack of electricity. And, I'm always one to welcome a forced break from the internet. ;)  
We lived by daylight and candlelight for three days. The moment the beep of the microwave sounded and the kettle started boiling (we didn't realize the flip was switched! Haha!) we all breathed a sigh of relief. Lights were turned back on and we all plugged in our battery drained electronics. 
And today, here I am enjoying the pleasures of the internet, a charged laptop, bright lights, hot tea. The storm may have been challenging, but when we make it through to the other side? We realize just how much we had. 
In January I entered a very difficult season of life, the greatest storm that I could never have imagined. I have seen 15 doctors, pushed through more pain than I thought bearable, and spent many a night crying out in confusion and despair. I experienced a very rare and awful situation that resulted in surgery, which then led to almost a week in hospital. 
This was not in my plan. Who thinks that walking will be painful for 8 months? I have races to run! I have classes that need my full attention! My stubborn will would not give in to pain. I just kept going, and looking back, I am shocked. And you know what got me through it? Faith. Faith in God that he is my Healer and that nothing could get in the way of me fulfilling his plan for my life. 
You see, sometimes we don't know how we survive a storm until we have actually survived it. Although the bulk of this storm is over, there are still doctor's appointments, pain medication, and activities that don't have a pause button. But you know what? What the enemy meant to crush me with, God has turned around to bless me in the midst of it all. I won the Chemistry award at my university, kept my job, excelled at school, and learnt more about human anatomy, medicine, and huge tongue twister biological terms. Heck, I even started writing a book. 

Now, this is no "look at me me" kind of story. No no, it is the complete opposite. This is a testimony of God's power. Take heart, dear reader! No matter whether you are in the midst of a storm, just leaving one, or have one in the distant past, know this truth: nothing, absolutely NOTHING can stop God from carrying out His plan for your life if you will stay in faith.

Never give up. You have such a spectacular future. I know how much I needed to hear that countless times this past year. I implore you to believe in yourself. Trust your Creator to bring you through even more victorious than ever before.  

Much love, Vivi