Sunday, 8 November 2015

When November Comes

Last weekend I brought out my Grandmother's knitting needle and sewed together the ends of my forest green scarf. I pulled it over my head immediately, closing my eyes and enjoying the satisfaction of finishing a scarf in time for the rain of November. There are so many things to celebrate this season. Whenever I feel bogged down with school work and other commitments I make a list. A list of thankfulness. That despite the potential sources of worry and concern, that I have a Father who cares about me so abundantly to bless me in big AND small ways.  

successful midterms
drinking steaming hot coffee, almost everyday
my guitar and I- quality time song writing 
new friends in classes and labs 
my moleskine journal that helps keep me organized
my brother blessing me with a new cookbook out of the blue
fancy pizza out with my best friend
phone calls about the future 
beautiful encouragement in psalms, 1 samuel and 1 corinthians
conversations with professors 
solving a tricky research problem 
mom baking peanut butter cookies
an apple cinnamon candle filling the living room with a wonderful aroma 
the ability to have big dreams 
joel osteen broadcasts 
long bath tub soaks 
early morning drives with my brother to school, singing to tunes on the radio in (sometimes) harmonious voices
the great british baking show 
mugs of tea on repeat 
warm slippers 
faith and confidence in God's promise that the future holds good things 

Much love, Vivi