Monday, 23 September 2013

a peek around here

one of three baby pumpkins
breakfast in my cuddly and very un-made bed,  
my go to jewellery 
succulents growing wildly by morning light 

Much love, Vivi

Saturday, 21 September 2013

and so it begins

This post is long overdue! Three weeks to be exact. University life is upon me and I'm taking it by force. ;) I've established my seat in all of my classes (big deal, people) and slowly but surely faces are becoming more and more familiar. Although it feels as if Summer ended only yesterday, the amount of material we've covered has been enormous! My first math midterm is next week. Whaaaat?! Anyways, enough about school!

Let's talk about tea! Pumpkin chai in particular. It makes my nose, taste buds and cold hands oh-so happy. I'm looking forward to drinking cup after cup this autumn. As a matter of fact, the kettle just finished boiling. I'm off to make a pot of the stuff and curl up with my biology text book. I hope your evening is just as wild. ;)

Much love, Vivi

Friday, 13 September 2013


 Sometimes you have to get outside, take a break, breathe deeply. 
Sometimes you have to take your camera with you.
Nature, you're such a stunner. Never change. 
Much love, Vivi

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A girl and her longboard

My friend Shelby is a natural on a long board. I, on the other hand, am quite the opposite. While Shelby long boards gracefully, I'm very happy to take pictures instead of toppling over while grasping at the air around me. A good deal I'd say. ;) I can't tell you just how nice it is to look back at these Summer memories now that University has started. One of the many reasons why I love photography is being able to capture a memory and "transport" yourself back to the moment, and look back when life seems to be crazy. I hope everyone is having a happy, full, beautiful September!

Much love, Vivi  

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A September list

I started University today. All around me were eager new faces, tiny grey haired professors and tall, unfamiliar buildings. Even after taking a tour I had no clue where my classes were. (Bad idea) The newness and unfamiliarity, mixed with a major cold was an overwhelming start to this new season. I'm trusting that by the end of the week this sneezing will be gone and a map of the campus will have etched itself into my mind. ;) I'm learning to be kind to myself at this new beginning, allowing room for mistakes, and generous time for improvements. I'm learning to embrace change, breathe deeply, and allow the beauty of each day to take my breath away.

*   *   *


eating too many mini cupcakes, hot oatmeal with apples and bananas, and Greek yogurt at all times of the day 
tasting vitamin C to subdue this cold along with plentiful amounts of apples, oranges, and bananas
observing the quirks and different teaching styles of new professors, the eager, anticipating faces of fellow first-years
loving the refreshing air that accompanies rain 
listening to God's plan for my life, music by Daniella Andrade and Capital Cities.
drinking coconut lemon Thai white tea, water bottle after water bottle
wondering how to balance everything in this new season, and other typical first-year thoughts
realizing how much coconut pie tastes like pure heaven
wanting pumpkin spice lattes, rain boots, and a cat/couch cuddle session. (rain does this to me)
creating water color cards and healthy peanut butter cookies

Here's to September, new beginnings, refreshing rain, and finding the beauty in everyday.

Much love, Vivi