Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring Came Like Sunday Morning

Spring Came Like Sunday Morning
A freshness, a peace, a quiet.
There was the light, the birds, the end of the frost.
There were the people, the person, the faces, the stories.
Spring announced itself with a joyous celebration 
Of newness
And my soul smiled, because
Like Sunday Morning, Spring came 
To Praise
To Celebrate
To end the gloom of winter 
To give a new rest, a new song 

Much love, Vivi 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Take a Step Back

It is past 11pm on a rainy Thursday evening. The house is quiet and everyone except this typing night owl are fast sleep. After the activities of tomorrow are complete, I will have 6 weeks of the Winter 2016 semester behind me. Okay, one of those weeks was reading break, but that week held an enormous amount of schoolwork, so I'd say it counts... :)

I can honestly say that I've learned a lot this semester, and I'm not only talking about organic chemistry and social psychology.. These past few weeks have held much more. What have I learned, you ask? Well, let's take a step back...

1. Even when you feel slapped in the face with a grade, still be kind to your professors. Take as much as you can out of it. Even if you poured your life into a paper and didn't get a grade that reflects that, try your hardest to make the most of the situation. In the words of one very wise woman (mom.. :) shoot for excellence, not perfection. 

2. Coffee is amazing. 

3. So is lemon loaf.

4. Even if you have to muster up a bucketful of courage, talk to new people around you. So many people just need someone to listen to them and show an interest. 

5. When your day has been long and your feet are sore and all you feel like doing is resting, then rest. Watch an episode of Fixer Upper and your day will become infinitely better. I'm not much of a TV watcher, so this is a big deal folks. Make yourself a coffee or an earl grey tea and thank God for the ability to take a break. 

6. When all you can think about is a problem of your own, go and do something for another person. 

7. Just because it's a no now does not make it a no forever.

Much love, Vivi 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Bits & Pieces (But Mostly Food)

Christmas this year was simply beautiful. We woke up early and started the morning off with tea, coffee, and British mince pies, a family tradition we have enjoyed for years. We made our home in the living room for a few hours of joyful present opening, laughing, and eating Christmas goodies, sharing the story behind each gift. 

2015 has been a very eventful year. Having a peaceful Christmas like this one was an amazing blessing. I love my family. We're a closely knit, quirky, silly, unique, conversation-loving bunch, I must say. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Much love, Vivi 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Yours Truly, Winter

The beach during Winter brings
Waves crashing in full force against the shore line,
Brave tourists bundled up, young families pushing strollers up the pier,
Avid runners taking the cold as an invitation to beat their best time,
And two friends,
Laughing, talking, snapping away happily as their hair runs wild and their hands freeze
Exploring under dark bridges, climbing over rocks, squealing in delight over the perfect light
And Winter looks upon them and
You're welcome, He says with kind eyes,
For the wind and the waves and the grey, bright, joyous day

Yours truly, Winter

(And of course, Much love, Vivi :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

When November Comes

Last weekend I brought out my Grandmother's knitting needle and sewed together the ends of my forest green scarf. I pulled it over my head immediately, closing my eyes and enjoying the satisfaction of finishing a scarf in time for the rain of November. There are so many things to celebrate this season. Whenever I feel bogged down with school work and other commitments I make a list. A list of thankfulness. That despite the potential sources of worry and concern, that I have a Father who cares about me so abundantly to bless me in big AND small ways.  

successful midterms
drinking steaming hot coffee, almost everyday
my guitar and I- quality time song writing 
new friends in classes and labs 
my moleskine journal that helps keep me organized
my brother blessing me with a new cookbook out of the blue
fancy pizza out with my best friend
phone calls about the future 
beautiful encouragement in psalms, 1 samuel and 1 corinthians
conversations with professors 
solving a tricky research problem 
mom baking peanut butter cookies
an apple cinnamon candle filling the living room with a wonderful aroma 
the ability to have big dreams 
joel osteen broadcasts 
long bath tub soaks 
early morning drives with my brother to school, singing to tunes on the radio in (sometimes) harmonious voices
the great british baking show 
mugs of tea on repeat 
warm slippers 
faith and confidence in God's promise that the future holds good things 

Much love, Vivi 

Saturday, 10 October 2015


It's Autumn here in British Columbia. The wind is rustling off the deep red and yellow leaves from tall trees, and inside candles are burning and warm meals are being made. It really is my favorite time of year, despite the copious amount of studying that October brings... 

This weekend is also Canadian Thanksgiving, so to all of my fellow Canadians, may your weekend be full of turkey dinners and pumpkin pie. Man, us Canadians are GOOD at eating. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. And while I'm at it, Happy Autumn, Happy Saturday, and Happy DAY! 

Much love, Vivi 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

After the Storm

Last week wild winds stormed over our home and towering trees swayed back and forth with the threat of catastrophe. A few people passed by in cars, and brave pedestrians clad with large coats and scarves trekked out into the storm with little dogs trotting out in front on leashes. Over the course of the storm, 500,000 homes were left without power.
Although I missed the hot tea and lights illuminating the evening, there is something almost magical about a power outage. The darkness is lit by a motley array of candles, with everything from scented, tall, beeswax to soy. The bright flames flicker back and forth, and the warmth of the golden light makes up for the lack of electricity. And, I'm always one to welcome a forced break from the internet. ;)  
We lived by daylight and candlelight for three days. The moment the beep of the microwave sounded and the kettle started boiling (we didn't realize the flip was switched! Haha!) we all breathed a sigh of relief. Lights were turned back on and we all plugged in our battery drained electronics. 
And today, here I am enjoying the pleasures of the internet, a charged laptop, bright lights, hot tea. The storm may have been challenging, but when we make it through to the other side? We realize just how much we had. 
In January I entered a very difficult season of life, the greatest storm that I could never have imagined. I have seen 15 doctors, pushed through more pain than I thought bearable, and spent many a night crying out in confusion and despair. I experienced a very rare and awful situation that resulted in surgery, which then led to almost a week in hospital. 
This was not in my plan. Who thinks that walking will be painful for 8 months? I have races to run! I have classes that need my full attention! My stubborn will would not give in to pain. I just kept going, and looking back, I am shocked. And you know what got me through it? Faith. Faith in God that he is my Healer and that nothing could get in the way of me fulfilling his plan for my life. 
You see, sometimes we don't know how we survive a storm until we have actually survived it. Although the bulk of this storm is over, there are still doctor's appointments, pain medication, and activities that don't have a pause button. But you know what? What the enemy meant to crush me with, God has turned around to bless me in the midst of it all. I won the Chemistry award at my university, kept my job, excelled at school, and learnt more about human anatomy, medicine, and huge tongue twister biological terms. Heck, I even started writing a book. 

Now, this is no "look at me me" kind of story. No no, it is the complete opposite. This is a testimony of God's power. Take heart, dear reader! No matter whether you are in the midst of a storm, just leaving one, or have one in the distant past, know this truth: nothing, absolutely NOTHING can stop God from carrying out His plan for your life if you will stay in faith.

Never give up. You have such a spectacular future. I know how much I needed to hear that countless times this past year. I implore you to believe in yourself. Trust your Creator to bring you through even more victorious than ever before.  

Much love, Vivi