Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why you need more banana bread in your life

Happy Day, people! Perhaps the title of this post should be: "Why you need more pumpkin seed encrusted banana bread in your life" or even "Why banana bread will accelerate your productivity beyond your wildest imaginings." 

When coupled with the fact that you are snowed in, banana bread certainly does increase productivity. Eat a slice, study, eat a slice, study some more, eat a slice (warmed this time) - routine is good! I like routine. 

Speaking of things in the "non-routine" category, this past week was reading break! A whole week to read then not not then read some more (okay, more routine!) It held beautiful moments, difficult moments, touching moments, and a whole lot of banana bread moments. And really, it was wonderful. 

Whether you are thick in the middle of a semester, working full time, or contemplating your next steps, take heart! Whatever task you may have at hand, know Who your source of strength is and that you never, ever, have to do anything alone. (We all need a little pep talk sometimes, you know?) 

Much love, Vivi   

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fabulous & Fantastic February

Reading break is almost at a close, and the final couple of months of my fourth year (!!!) are coming quickly. Knowing the pattern of past semesters, the weeks will both come and zoooom by at lightning speed. That, my friends, is why it is vital, imperative, and of utmost importance to enjoy the day we have as today, to look forward to tomorrow with gladness, and to reflect upon the goodness & joy of days past. Negativity has no place in our schedules. And now, I shall return to the world of human physiology studying and Gogi berry tea drinking - see you soon! 

Much love, Vivi

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Cookies

This evening we had a cookie baking night, and it was equal parts delicious, energizing, magical, and so much fun. We made peppermint pinwheels, orange pinwheels, and chocolate crinkle cookies. The recipe for the chocolate crinkle cookies is from here, and the pinwheel cookies are from a well-loved recipe book. My goal this Christmas break was to make new cookies recipes, and these were all new additions to the baking repertoire. :) It's a strange yet wonderful feeling to not have studies on my mind, and to be able to bake away with loved ones and let the spirit of Christmas envelop my thoughts - oh, holidays are such a blessing. Have a Merry Christmas, wonderful people! I hope you enjoy batch upon batch of cookies, cups of eggnog, and joyous time with loved ones. 

Much love, Vivi  

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Snow Capped

Oh, today was beautiful. The snow fell gently almost the entire day, and the house radiated warmth. For the first day of Christmas break, I got to spend time with family, accomplish goals, and take the first day off studying in a long, long time. What made today wonderful?

Terri Savelle Foy broadcasts. This lady is amazing, so inspiring, and has been a huge encouragement to me these past few weeks. I had her messages on repeat while I organized and painted.

Speaking of painting, painting made today wonderful! I sat down with music playing and my water color paints beside me. I painted for almost two hours, letting the colors and shapes of the flowers come naturally. I almost never plan a painting, but let it come together as I feel inspired to add a new color, a new flower, a new element. 

Christmas wrapping. I placed the labels and ribbons on all of my loved ones' Christmas presents this year, and it feels so wonderful to have them wrapped and ready to be given. 

Dreaming big. Terri Savelle Foy talks a lot about letting yourself dream and believing God for those dreams to come to pass. The more I put my faith and trust in God, the more I am led to dream bigger than I ever have. There are no limits on God's goodness! It's up to me to dream it, ask for it, and believe for it. 

Much love, Vivi 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dear Mr. Hummingbird

Dear Mr. Hummingbird,

Thank you for visiting this cold December morning
I saw you fluttering with speed and agility
And I couldn't look away
Thank you for perching kindly, holding still for me to capture
Your detailed feathers, round little body
Thank you for reminding me 
That God cares about the details 
He put effort into your beauty, and finds pleasure when I find pleasure
In the glory of His creation, 
In you, little Mr. Hummingbird

Much love, Vivi 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rising Up Out the Dust

"We are the brave, the chosen ones. We're the diamonds, diamonds, rising up out the dust." - Diamonds by Johnnyswim 

I just found these pictures that I had taken early in September. Three months later, and I can remember that light breeze in my hair, the soft tune of the wind chimes, and the abundance of nasturtiums in a beautiful spectrum of oranges and yellows. It's semester crunch time, so my mind is full of biosynthetic pathways and community ecology and ANOVAs.. But! It is also ever full of thankfulness for these past three months of year 4 of university! God is so good, so full of abundant blessings, and so faithful. Happy American Thanksgiving, friends!

Much love, Vivi