Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fairy lights

With the fairy lights strung up, it suddenly feels a lot more like Christmas time. And it feels oh-so good. :) I'm huge on everything Christmas; the decorating, memories, the food. Oh, the food! You can expect to see lots of Christmas cookies around these parts soon! Have you started to celebrate the Christmas season yet? 

Much love, Vivi 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Five things to love

{ a few of my favourite products residing in a mini flower pot }
{ English afternoon tea in an adorable little container }
{ elephants lined up on our fireplace mantle, souvenirs brought back from my mom's trip to India last January }
{ my autumn scarf project nearly reaching completion! }
{ a delicious omelet to start the day off right }  

The other day I realised just how long it has been since I wrote a post in the Five things to love series! I've really missed doing these Friday specials, and you can expect them to be a more regular occurrence here on the blog in the next few weeks. :) I hope all of you Americans are having a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Here in Canada trickles of Christmas are already starting to show, with everything from Christmas music to decorated trees filling stores and homes. Next thing I know, snow will be falling down! 'Tis the season. ;)

Much love, Vivi

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Usually I like to spread out my baking. Cookies one week, then possibly a loaf or cake the next. But! This past week I made chocolate chip cookies twice. TWICE. In the same week! That's monumental, folks. The first batch I made at home to satisfy a very deprived chocolate craving, and the next I made with a good friend over some tea. We didn't even go by a recipe! I know, living on the edge. Alas, I only had Greek food once. ;) If you haven't tried Greek pita wraps before, try one! And let me know when you go back again and again and again. 

Much love, Vivi  

Monday, 12 November 2012

One chilly Sunday

{ an eggnog latte and pumpkin scone }
{ feeling like a little kid again in the bulk candy section }
{ planes flying in memory of all the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom }
{ catching up while drinking coffee with my friend kendra }
This past Sunday was Remembrance day in Canada, a day to honor the lives of those who sacrificed them while serving our country. All of my grandparents served in World War 2, in everything from nursing wounded soldiers to sailing the seas in the navy. I am so thankful to live in a country where peace reigns. If it wasn't for people like my grandparents, our lives would be much different than what we know today. To live in a peaceful country is such a blessing, especially when so many other countries are rattled by war. Even though Remembrance day has passed, it's important to remind ourselves of the freedom we have been blessed with everyday! 

Much love, Vivi

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A dream.

In Grade 12 one of the biggest questions asked is, "What are you doing next year?" And it has often caught me off guard. What am I doing next year? Graduation. The pressure starts. I started thinking about it, praying about it, and trusting God to give me direction. In the past I've thought about becoming a doctor. I love working with people and the human body never ceases to amaze me. (In a very non-creepy way.. haha) The fact that everything works perfectly together, from the beating of our hearts to the DNA in our cells, I just love it. I am completely and utterly in love with biology. So it hit me. 


I love kids. I love biology and I certainly love working with people. I want to make a difference in the lives of kids and teens. I want to encourage, to serve, and to use the passion I've been blessed with in the best possible way. Of course, this is a dream at its beginning stages. The more I think about it the more I fall in love with it. No matter what I become, I trust that it will be God's plan for my life. As for now, this exciting dream fills me up with more passion than I've ever felt about anything before. And it feels so good. Dr. Vivi? Ohh, now that is exciting

Much love, Vivi 

Monday, 5 November 2012

A November Weekend

{fresh avocados for a snack}
{homemade lattes with pumpkin spice whipped cream}
{raindrops hitting the window pane}
{soup full of fall flavors}
{Starbucks Christmas drinks with friends}
{Sunday attire: navy and white heart dress with a yellow cardigan}
Add seven hours at my job and many more hours spent doing homework, and you have a pretty accurate picture of this first weekend in November. 'Tis a beautiful time of year indeed! I have something very exciting to share with you in the next few days... :) It will determine the course of my life, and I'm itching to share. All will be revealed in a few short days...

Much love, Vivi 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Story about chocolate

Last night felt like Christmas. Family gathered around the table, all eagerly waiting to open the packages in front of us. With dinner finished, we all dug into the brightly wrapped pumpkin shaped chocolates and I can proudly say that half of mine has been gobbled up since then. We laughed about all sorts of things and told stories by warm candlelight. I've never been a crazy Halloween kinda girl (although this year I did dress up as wonder woman... :) and this warm, family-filled evening was an absolutely perfect October 31st.

The chocolate didn't hurt either. ;)  

Much love, Vivi