Saturday, 17 November 2012


Usually I like to spread out my baking. Cookies one week, then possibly a loaf or cake the next. But! This past week I made chocolate chip cookies twice. TWICE. In the same week! That's monumental, folks. The first batch I made at home to satisfy a very deprived chocolate craving, and the next I made with a good friend over some tea. We didn't even go by a recipe! I know, living on the edge. Alas, I only had Greek food once. ;) If you haven't tried Greek pita wraps before, try one! And let me know when you go back again and again and again. 

Much love, Vivi  


  1. You wanna come over to my place and make some cookies? Haha!

  2. Some things need to be enjoyed more than once a week.
    I made the same cake 2 weeks in a row xo

  3. your cookies seems delicious!!
    could you send me your recipe??
    thank you!!

  4. cookies are the perfect chocolate fix for me:) yummy!