Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Care of the Earth

"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope." Wendell Berry  

I discovered author, poet, and culture critic Wendell Berry about three years ago. I read through his novel "Hannah Coulter" at lightning speed during summer time, and I soaked up all of his beautiful sentences and the way he weaves nature and caring for land into his writing. Then, this past winter I read "That Distant Land," a collection of short stories based around a community of farmers and their families. His writing is pure and elegant and poignant. I loved his fiction, and gobbled it up happily. Then! I found out from a friend that he ALSO writes non-fiction. My heart fluttered and I knew I had to get my hands on something. 

It began with a borrowed copy of "The Unsettling of America," borrowed from said generous friend, also a big fan of Wendell Berry. I loved it. I read through about three quarters of Berry's cultural critique and down to earth perspective, and his wisdom is astounding. 

So, happily, I recently ordered "The Art of the Commonplace," a collection of agrarian essays, which should arrive this week! Cue the excitement! Not only has this wonderful, wonderful author helped shape my perspective, but he continues to inspire me, challenge me, and make just-before-bed-night-time-reading one of the best parts of the day. 

The earth, the soil, the plants, the process of sowing and harvesting, is good, because our Creator is good. 
Much love, Vivi 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Picnic in the Park

Meet my babe of a friend, Hannah, who casually flicks her hair in response to a clicking camera and has excellent choice in both leather bags and glamorous sunglasses. In one word, she is fabulous, and I am so thankful to call her my friend (since Grade 10!) 

Quite a few weeks ago we took advantage of some glorious sunshine and brought a picnic to a local park. The spread included veggies, cheese and crackers, fruit, iced coffees, and hummus. It was an afternoon spent talking and eating and talking and eating- the best kind of afternoon. 

Much love, Vivi 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Chopin Has Something To Say

Why, hello! Greetings! Yes, we do know each other- it has just been a VERY long time! The month of May held moving houses (cue the deep cleaning and organization), studying/tests/digging deep into physics, volunteering with some pretty wonderful organizations, and now, preparing for my Biology honors project with some reading, reading, and READING! 

Exciting times.

Really, I love what I am doing! If asked in a game of would you rather if I would rather read about treatments for rare genetic conditions or relax by a pool all day.. I would pick the reading (by the pool of course.. ;) 

Our new house is wonderful. There is a creek that runs through the backyard, a garden of mint, jasmine, bamboo... It's stunning. I've already given "tours" of the backyard to friends, and I think I probably beam the whole way. Nature is a beautiful expression of God's grace and creativity. I'm so happy to be able to live here surrounded by reminders of God's goodness.

Not being in the thick of the academic year gives me some much needed thinking time. I've been thinking about many aspects of my life, how I spend my time, what I'd like to do differently, continue doing, and different goals for the short term and long term. And while doing so, Chopin has been keeping my ears company. Just as the sights of nature provide visual reminders of God's goodness, the sounds of Chopin make my ears just as sure. 

Much love, Vivi