Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flowers Galore

When the tulips come into bloom, you do not ignore them. Nooooo, that would be a terrible crime. Acres upon acres of vibrant beauties meticulously placed in colour-coordinated rows, each variety toying for your attention... Oh, what a dream! If you have a tulip festival anywhere near your home, take the drive and do your eyes a favour.

Much love, Vivi

p.s. Alas, today did not consist of tulips, but of biochemistry, organic chemistry, and some good ol' ethics. I don't frolic in flower fields eeeveryday. Just keeping it real.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Blossom of Spring, May you Bloom & Grow

"Blossom of Spring, may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever." - Edelweiss, the Sound of Music

A whisper of spring
Comes swiftly into life,
Bringing with it colour
And growth.
A blossom of spring
Arrives quietly into view
Sprouting forth life
And newness
Amidst the haste,
Amidst the now, the demands of the immediate,
Amidst the instant, the brash loudness of cultural chaos,
Comes this,
This whisper of spring,
A blossom of spring.

Wherever you live and whatever the current state of nature around you, I hope that these beautiful sights of springtime flowers (and the occasional cookie!) brings you joy. Spring is a time that reminds me how flowers don't think about growing - they simply grow because that is what they do. They bloom where they are planted and they blossom with admirable consistency. They blossom into what they were created to be, and I, amidst the "haste and demands of the immediate" want to do the same.

Much love, Vivi

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why you need more banana bread in your life

Happy Day, people! Perhaps the title of this post should be: "Why you need more pumpkin seed encrusted banana bread in your life" or even "Why banana bread will accelerate your productivity beyond your wildest imaginings." 

When coupled with the fact that you are snowed in, banana bread certainly does increase productivity. Eat a slice, study, eat a slice, study some more, eat a slice (warmed this time) - routine is good! I like routine. 

Speaking of things in the "non-routine" category, this past week was reading break! A whole week to read then not not then read some more (okay, more routine!) It held beautiful moments, difficult moments, touching moments, and a whole lot of banana bread moments. And really, it was wonderful. 

Whether you are thick in the middle of a semester, working full time, or contemplating your next steps, take heart! Whatever task you may have at hand, know Who your source of strength is and that you never, ever, have to do anything alone. (We all need a little pep talk sometimes, you know?) 

Much love, Vivi   

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fabulous & Fantastic February

Reading break is almost at a close, and the final couple of months of my fourth year (!!!) are coming quickly. Knowing the pattern of past semesters, the weeks will both come and zoooom by at lightning speed. That, my friends, is why it is vital, imperative, and of utmost importance to enjoy the day we have as today, to look forward to tomorrow with gladness, and to reflect upon the goodness & joy of days past. Negativity has no place in our schedules. And now, I shall return to the world of human physiology studying and Gogi berry tea drinking - see you soon! 

Much love, Vivi