Saturday, 21 September 2013

and so it begins

This post is long overdue! Three weeks to be exact. University life is upon me and I'm taking it by force. ;) I've established my seat in all of my classes (big deal, people) and slowly but surely faces are becoming more and more familiar. Although it feels as if Summer ended only yesterday, the amount of material we've covered has been enormous! My first math midterm is next week. Whaaaat?! Anyways, enough about school!

Let's talk about tea! Pumpkin chai in particular. It makes my nose, taste buds and cold hands oh-so happy. I'm looking forward to drinking cup after cup this autumn. As a matter of fact, the kettle just finished boiling. I'm off to make a pot of the stuff and curl up with my biology text book. I hope your evening is just as wild. ;)

Much love, Vivi


  1. Congratulations about college/university!

    A chai pumpkin tea sounds really good. I have been enjoying an rooibos apple cinnamon.

  2. YUMMY! sounds delicious. keep up the stellar work at uni girl :)