Monday, 8 July 2013

a little bit of lately

// I can't get enough of these roses. they smell amazing, and the prettiest little birds are coming to our deck more and more because of them!
// bike riding with a friend to get some frozen yogurt. Typical me, exercise followed by a treat... ;)
// getting deep into this book. One of my absolute favorite books ever.
// eating lots and lots of interesting salads. this one consists of endive, cucumber, mango, baby tomatoes, spinach and peanuts. An adventure for the taste buds. ;)
 I hope your Summer has been full of sunshine, time with loved ones and delicious food! 
Happy Monday!

Much love, Vivi


  1. Riding your bike with a friend to get frozen yogurt sounds the best! I'm sure it was an awesome time. :)

  2. Oo that salad looks so tasty!

  3. Loved our bike ride!
    So much fun :)