Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Colours of Summer

re-purposing glass soda bottles into homes for pretty daisies
I've been going smoothie crazy this Summer! Throw in some blueberries, spinach, almond milk into a blender and you have a refreshing snack/meal/dessert.
Does this even need a caption? ;) Even the hottest of weather can't keep me from baking ooey gooey sprinkle covered brownies.
I scored that pink mug for about three dollars! I love it when Chapters has sales.
Aaaand our apple tree is starting to grow some beauties. Apple pie, anyone? ;)


  1. Lovely pictures! The pink mug is adorable, I love it!

  2. love the pictures vivi. especially the daisies in the bottles

  3. That mug is awesome! And the daisy picture is super cute. Nice photos :) Your blog has really grown in the last few months. Congrats!