Tuesday, 12 February 2013


This is my friend Danielle. Kind hearted, hilarious, and a natural in front of the camera. ;)
We took some photos, ate good food and chatted away on the first sunny afternoon in days. And, of course, snuck in a few photos. The sweetest lady came up to us and offered us her dog to use in our photos. Haha! We happily accepted. Here are my favourites...


  1. You've captured your friend beautifully...you're really good, you know?!
    And that last one with the dog is too cute :)

  2. love these photos so much :) danielle's really pretty too! x


  3. beautiful shots! i always love a good train track photo sesh ;)and i'm kind of in awe at her nail polish, haha:)
    Julianna, www.myladybakes.com