Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring break means...

casual snacks of avocado & cucumber on rice crackers
catching up on good reads. loving this book right now.
if you didn't know, drawing goes really well with coffee. ;)
windy walks with the big brother
baking & baking some more. These loaves were made with almond milk instead of regular milk and apple sauce instead of butter!
goal setting on colour note
capturing bits of nature on those windy walks. can you believe it's spring already?!
trying new recipes! believe it or not, I never cook. these pizzas were a big step for me. and the recipe? coming soon. ;)

 Much love, Vivi


  1. Your kinda spring break looks awesome. Your art is really good, you should post some more often!

    1. thanks rachel! :)
      the only time I get to draw is on breaks like these, so I'll try to post a few more pictures.. :)

  2. These pictures are all so beautiful! Im just back at uni after a 4 month break and im so disappointed that i didn't actually do more with my time! You can make the most of it for the both of us ;)

    xx Eloise