Friday, 26 April 2013

mason jars & magnolias

I know, I know. I've been seriously neglecting this little blog of mine! Things at school have become somewhat overwhelming, with tests coming out at rapid fire and graduation events fast approaching! This morning each Grade 12 had to give a presentation on our past, present and future. I did mine on photography and baking (no surprise there) and talked about my future dreams. It's funny how scary talking about yourself for fifteen minutes is. But don't worry, I survived. ;)

a recent DIY for a pretty center peice: paint swirled around a mason jar then filled with flowers. 
a budding magnolia outside my school. isn't spring the best?
one of my grad photos taken by photographer Breanne de Bliek
TEA! loose leaf has become my absolute favourite. what beats having big chunks of fruit in your tea?! nothing, I tell you.
lots of homework going on right now. thankful for pretty tea cups.
 lovely flowers brightening windy days.
a happy mom with her new flowers. I'd say it runs in the family ;)
one of my favorite shots from shooting the "getting ready" pictures for my school's play, The Hobbit.
Much love, Vivi

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