Sunday, 24 November 2013

thank you, brownies

I had this crazy thought for this past week: No sugar for seven days. For an entire week I was going to hold back the treats and eat them fruit and vegetables. Some may consider this normal, but for sugar-loving-always-baking me, the thought of a DAY without caving into my sweet tooth seems, erm, strange.
I've done it before. I recall a day in the Summer when I restrained from eating any sweets. And I survived! It required some major self-control, but I struggled through. Yet honestly, not a day has passed since then that sugar hasn't entered my mouth.
I have a thing for taste, for chewing, swirling around food on my taste buds.
I KNOW! Again, strange.
So, on Monday when I embarked on my lofty journey, I really believed it was possible. I went to school, snacked on cashews and peppers and cucumbers and fruit. I came home, drank tea, ate a filling dinner. All was well. And then I started studying for my third and final calculus midterm. And one thing led to another and a few brownies made their way into my mouth, consoling me oh-so well.
Thank you brownies, for your care. Sugar free week? Next week, friends, next week!