Monday, 20 April 2015

on being brave and courageous

I've decided to start a new series called "on being..."

And today, it's on being brave and courageous.


More and more I'm seeing that being brave couldn't be less of a cookie cutter action. Bravery is so versatile. You are brave when you study for a challenging class. You are brave when you forgive someone who has hurt you. You are brave when you are kind and compassionate despite opposition.

It's Rosa Parks, a beautiful and bold black woman who decided to sit in the "whites only" section of the bus, taking a stand for equality of all races.
It's the child who stands up for a peer who's being picked on for being "too small" or "too large" or "too anything"
It's the man who lets his tears shed regardless of the voices telling him to be a "man"

For me, it's doing what I know in my heart to be right and true and good.
It's being comfortable in my own skin and being kind to myself.
It's having faith for healing when I'm hurting, restoration in brokenness.


Be brave, friends. Whatever bravery looks like in your life, no matter how small or large the actions, be brave. Bravery is a precious gift, take it by force. Most of all, don't go it alone, trusting in your own strength. Been there, done that, not successful. Go to Jesus. He is the source of all bravery and courage.

Brave. It's in Him.

Much love, Vivi 

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  1. inspiring words and beautiful pictures. love this post!
    x Jianine [Fleurs Bleu]