Saturday, 20 June 2015

on being... S T E A D F A S T

This past week was a challenge. Every day little things started to add up that were together forming into a big mountain. My cat threw up five times in my room. On my clothes. I split tea freshly off the boil all over my hand and my leg. I showed up to the wrong shift after cancelling other plans. 
But you know the best part? 
I was okay. I laughed. I got over it. I'm still alive. I'm healthy. 
After having so many little things try to get to me, I realized just how important it is in NOT letting them get to me. Life happens. Cats barf. Tea spills. Schedules get mixed up. In the moment each little thing felt like the end of the world, but looking back I realize just how important it is to remain steadfast in peacefulness, gentleness, and immense gratefulness. 
My goal is this: to continue in being steadfast, refusing to let little things steal my joy or peace.

Much love, Vivi   

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