Sunday, 7 May 2017

Blossom of Spring, May you Bloom & Grow

"Blossom of Spring, may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever." - Edelweiss, the Sound of Music

A whisper of spring
Comes swiftly into life,
Bringing with it colour
And growth.
A blossom of spring
Arrives quietly into view
Sprouting forth life
And newness
Amidst the haste,
Amidst the now, the demands of the immediate,
Amidst the instant, the brash loudness of cultural chaos,
Comes this,
This whisper of spring,
A blossom of spring.

Wherever you live and whatever the current state of nature around you, I hope that these beautiful sights of springtime flowers (and the occasional cookie!) brings you joy. Spring is a time that reminds me how flowers don't think about growing - they simply grow because that is what they do. They bloom where they are planted and they blossom with admirable consistency. They blossom into what they were created to be, and I, amidst the "haste and demands of the immediate" want to do the same.

Much love, Vivi

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