Saturday, 17 September 2011

One bright and rainy day

Hello lovelies! Today was the perfect day to snap some photos of nature.I wasn't so happy about it raining and raining for hours this morning, but rain has the skill of making all plants look even more beautiful. Without rain we wouldn't have lush flowers, long grasses, or tall evergreens to enjoy! My family has lived in beautiful British Columbia for around 12 years last month. Nature has been something that we've always enjoyed. Through the rain, snow, and sunshine, the world that surrounds us truly is spectacular. Whenever I feel upset or down, I make myself go outside. Something about the outdoors makes me really happy. All of these photos were taken in our backyard, and today, I hope you find joy from the beauty of nature !

Wanna know why I love evergreens? They're constant. They go through all four season of life and never change. Their thick and burly needles remain sharp and attached, even when the snow of winter weighs them down. God is like that too. He is constant, never changing, and stays attached to us no matter what life gives us! No curve ball or dump of heavy snow can change that. Isn't that so reassuring? Remember today that God is with you wherever you go, and whatever you do, He is there. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Think on this today, think on God's constant


Much love, Vivi

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