Friday, 16 September 2011

There once was a place called Pinterest

 As a lover of art and creativity, I'm always looking for new things that inspire me. I love scouring the internet for new blogs that share beautiful photos and stories. I'm also a lover of Pinterest. What's Pinterest you say? It's a virtual pin board where you can "pin" all of the lovely quotes or pictures that your heart desires! You can follow others boards and "re-pin" pictures/ quotes from anyone else's boards onto your own! I really hope you check it out; the world would be  a much happier place if everyone knew about Pinterest and it's loveliness. Here is a snippet of the photos/ quotes that I've found so far, and am completely and utterly in love with.

Be inspired.

Wise words!
Tea makes everything better.
Wow... Just wow. Whoever thought this up is a genious!
 Yeah, I kinda love this.
THE absolute creative work space. I would never feel un-inspired here!
Copper & Turquoise = love. And those glasses are pretty darn nifty.
Great inspiration for autumn layering!
Photography love.
I love how this outfit has a laid back feel, but still manages to look put together.

 Ahhh, this warms my heart! What's better than some good ol' finger love?

 Beautiful, aren't they? I would have to say that Pinterest is my favourite website right now. Many blogs come quite close, but Pinterest is just too hard to top! Don't you just adore the French finger lovers? I let out a giggle when I saw those little guys. I hope that this post has inspired you to create share, and never be afraid to show your true colours. For more loveliness check out the Pinterest site and request an invite! Have fun pinning!

Much love, Vivi

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