Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 3 ~ you don't scare me

Today is day three. Today is the day that the lisp is supposed to go. Today is the day that smiling is supposed to come naturally. Today is the day that uncontrollable spitting on people is an option.

Well, my braces seem to be in a bad mood. They don't like cooperating just yet, but you wait! I'll teach them. I won't take the chaffing, cutting, and awkward smiling forever you vicious metal men! I will beat your  evil schemes against me, mark my words!

Yeah, you don't scare me. I have yogurt and ice cream on my side. And trust me, they aren't about to leave me any time soon. So, braces, how about a truce? You stop the constant aches, and I'll stop with the threats? Sound good?

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