Thursday, 12 January 2012

Long hair

Sometimes people ask me why I've never had bangs. I tell them I'm glad they don't remember when I did! When I was in grade six, I had a rebellious moment at the hairdressers. (aka my mom in the kitchen) I wanted bangs. I needed bangs. My whole entire life depended on my bangs. You know, the soft "flowing in the wind' kind of bangs you see in magazines or movies. So, I told her to chop away and awaited the results eagerly. Because, of course, my hair would sway to the wind just like Carrie Bradshaw's. And if my hair looked like hers, what was stopping me from having a closet like hers? It's reasonable logic people. At least I thought it was. Let's just say it was more thick and short than luscious and flowing.
Experience with bangs? Interesting, but I learnt my lesson!

Much love, Vivi

The Details//
purple top// Forever 21
grey wrap// Bootlegger
jeans// Hollister
flats// payless


  1. beautiful hair!! =) lovely outfit too, what i like the most!!!

  2. How sweet are those little pink bows on your shoes!?

  3. your hair is very pretty!
    I used to have bangs long ago..not sure if I'd ever get them again. I think they look really good on some people though