Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tea crazy

Over the years, I've tried and tasted many teas. From spicy chai to classic breakfast, tea has always been a favourite of mine. A steaming cup of tea can lift your spirits and make any activity more enjoyable. Many long homework marathons have been accompanied by one of these teas. :) I sifted through our tea cupboard and pulled out my very favourites to share with you!

1. Lemon ginger tea from Stash is my go to drink whenever I'm sick. Just drinking it makes me feel healthy! :)
2. Coconut chai tea from Zhena's gypsy teas is my all time favourite tea. Words can't even express, friends. This tea has just the right amount of spice and sweetness. It tastes wonderful with just hot water, and a little creamier with a splash of milk.
3. Mighty Leaf teas are amazing teas. You can actually see chunks of fruit and herb leaves in their woven tea bags. I'd drink these everyday. Well, I kinda do.
4. Tetley warmth tea is exactly that, warm. It has a strong cinnamon liquorice taste which just can't be beat.
5. Lipton's orange blossom hibiscus infusion is a sweet and citrusy tea full of flavour. I love the pyramid tea bags and just like the Mighty leaf teas, you can see all of the details of what's inside your tea bag.

What are some of your favourite teas? I would love to try them. :)

Much love, Vivi


  1. Oh, these all sound lovely! I shall have to try them.

    My all-time favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings "Nutcracker Sweet." It's a black tea that is only available during Christmas time... So, my family buys about twenty boxes during that time of year and it usually lasts us the rest of the year. It truly is like the Nutcracker ballet in a cup. Sweet, warm... happy. I love this tea. =)

  2. I love tea too. Coconut chai sounds amazing!

    I usually drink green tea with jasmine flowers or english breakfast tea. I've tried a couple of teas where you put a dried flower into hot water rather than a tea bag but I can't find them where I live now & I've forgotten the name :( I used to get them at a speciality shop in Wellington.

  3. I never drank tea before, I guess I'll try it soon! xx

  4. We live on tea just to get through the day here (grey ol' England!) My current favourite is Earl Grey with Vanilla. A bit of a spin on a classic. It's like a big hug when I'm stressed at work! x

  5. I drink like 8 cups of tea a day, it's ridiculous. I love tea soo much... soo many different types, and each so distinct.

  6. you're talking my thing!
    that coconut chai looks so so good. i wonder if they'll ship to uk, bit pricey perhaps.
    thanks for sharing. always enjoy discovering a new blend.

  7. I don't drink much tea but I love drinking bubble tea that has flavored mango black tea in it!! It's really good.

  8. coconut chai sounds amazing! chai tea is my favorit, with a bit of honey added.
    i just found your blog and am in love!

  9. I'm not really a fan of tea, but my dad sure is! his favorites are candy cane tea (unfortunately only available around christmas, but my dad always stocks up) and bedtime tea, both of which are from trader joe's. I'm not sure if they have Trader Joe's stores where you are, but if you're in the states anytime you can pick some up! :)

  10. Mmm tea. I drink it in huge quantities in winter, it's so warming and therapeutic.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog!

    x Olivia
    The Black Peony

  11. I'm dying to try some of the fun mixes they have at David's tea, I usually keep it simple with earl gray or english breakfast :)

  12. I haven't tried all of these, but I love tea! My favorite is english breakfast tea with vanilla soy milk :)

    Seize the Styles

  13. I really like Twinings English Breakfast tea. It is my favorite! I usually get it in decaf though.


  14. My favourite favourite favourite tea is chocolate mint oolong. It sounds weird but it's so wonderful.