Thursday, 14 June 2012

These days

These days are busy.
These days are spent studying away in my room, exams on my mind, cat on my lap.
These days are bright. Sun leaking in through windows every so often.
These days are rainy days, every drop replenishing blooming flowers.
These days are spent baking, trying to bake, and realising mom's make far better muffins.
These days are full of thankfulness. A year is almost over, a fresh season starts so soon.
These days are tea drinking days. Green tea drinking days.
These days are reading days. Reading for evenings, wrapping myself up in words, pages.
These days are full of moments, where I realise, that these things, are what matter.

Much love, Vivi


  1. These days... ;) I love this post, Vivi. What beautiful pictures. How much we have to be thankful for. ;)

    Mikailah @ Maid For Him

  2. this is beautiful! love the photos.

  3. Great photos!!!!

  4. Good luck on your exams! I love the photos :)

  5. great the pictures :)
    The Sweet Life

  6. I hope that you're getting to relax and have some fun in between exams. you are doing a great job. I love all of the beautiful photos. :)

  7. This is such a beautiful post! I love your pictures!