Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer of the peach

 I have worn peach more this Summer than I have my whole life. It started with an innocent pair of peach pants, then a top, then shorts, and before I knew it I was bombarded with this fresh summery colour! Which, in my opinion, isn't such a bad thing at all... :)

The Details//
top: bluenotes
pants: bluenotes
shoes: joy & peace
belt: thrifted
earrings: borrowed from a friend

What colour has made its way into your wardrobe this Summer?

Much love, Vivi 


  1. Cute outfit! :) I love the peach color. {And I wear a LOT of blue.}

    Mikailah @ finding beauty

    ps--you are so pretty!

  2. You look adorable in peach! I wish I could wear peach, though it has too many orange/yellow notes in it for my skin shade. I have found that I have been wearing a lot more navy, dark, and TARDIS blues this summer, I have come to love those shades of blue. As always I am also wearing a lot of pink and green when I can.


  3. this is such an adorable outfit! I just love it. the end.

  4. I have been really into white shorts this summer. I am a swimmer, so they really show off my tan and toned legs. Btw, I absolutely love your blog.

  5. oooh, i love those peach pants! i want a pair :)
    you have such taste in clothing!

  6. I really need to get myself a peach pair of jeans. I really like the color!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  7. peach looks so nice on you! I love this outfit :)

  8. Viv I LOVE those earrings on you. you can have them! they look sooo much better on you! :)

  9. You rock those peach pants! You look adorable! It's fun that you mixed matched it with a neutral top, I love the combination.