Friday, 21 June 2013

And, we graduate

It's hard to know what to say. 13 years of schooling, growing, learning, working through challenges, is at its close. It's that moment you dream about in Grade 6; you look at those huge Grade 12's and think, "gee whiz, it'll be forever until I'm that big." Forever went by oh-so quickly. Last Friday, I walked across the stage along with 54 fellow grads. Then, meeting outside to hug and smile with all the people who made it possible. :) 
Christian, a crazy talented photographer who can see a picture in almost anything. His work has inspired me so much with my own photography this year.  Kendra, a friend all the way from Uganda. She is contagiously joyful, has a beautiful heart and the MOST beautiful smile. Just look at it.
Alyssa, the one who filled Art classes with so much laughter. What does she make for our mask project? A gruffalo of course! :) 
Wes, the best brother possible, who eagerly eats up all my baking and inspires me so much with all his ideas and interests. (You're looking at a beekeeper/painter/macaroon baker)
These sisters, Marieke and Emma are always sweet and loving, providing humor with witty comments and wise perspective. Emma played my mom in a musical last year, making it hard to subdue the laughter when performing... ;)
 This lady, friends, is a famous artist in the making.  I'm going to miss this lady when she moves across the country for school in the Fall!
My dear dear friend Laurel. Laurel is one of the funniest people I know, bringing joy with her wherever she goes. Laurel has the biggest heart of service, constantly showing love to others.
You may recognize Hannah from this post. Hannah is one of those friends who you can laugh with for absolutely no particular reason, and the very next minute be having an intelligent conversation... :)
Aaaand a group shot! Some of the beautiful movers and shakers of the future. Artists, counselors, accountants, doctors... I love these girls, and I'm excited to see God's plan for their lives unfold in this next step of life.
And of course, phone pictures were a must. Jenna and I, on the far left, have officially mastered the selfie. Also, not pictured, the spontaneous doughnut eating that we have also mastered. (It's necessary after an exam... :) 
Much love, Vivi


  1. Congratulations Vivi! It looks like you had a such a fabulous ceremony surrounded by loved ones!


  2. this is wonderful! congrats :) x
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  3. Congratulations on graduating! We don't get this in the UK, but it looks super fun and a lovely way to mark the end of one chapter in our lives!

  4. Congrats! You look so beautiful in all the pictures.