Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday rambles

I've decided that blurry pictures are worth a lot more than I used to think. Hello, beautiful bokeh!
I've decided that the most common flowers are actually the prettiest.
I've decided that when the sun leaks down through tree branches, chocolate has no calories.
I've decided that teeth without braces feel A LOT better. Goodbye evil pokey wires.
I've decided that every kind of flower has a place in my heart, even scrunchy somewhat mutated tulips. It's okay, I think you're beautiful. 

Not pictured: I've decided that eating a large quantity of coconut pie before an equally as large dinner is really not a good idea.

Much love, Vivi


  1. I remember when I got my braces off. Best feeling ever!! btw, which camera do you use?

  2. love your photos and this post :) x
    - Jianine

  3. Yay for getting your braces off! Isn't it the best feeling ever?! And you look so different with them off too. So lovely!


  4. the second picture is my favorite<3 BEAUTIFUL