Monday, 1 July 2013

early summer days

The past few days have brought Summer to us in all its glory, with sizzling temperatures calling for iced tea and coffees, and rosebuds bursting into beautiful flowers. I've spent much of my time in front of a fan, reading outside on a blanket, or going for (short & sun-screen slathered) walks. I've been learning to rest. For me, the business of the school year calls for a slower paced Summer, filled with rest and renewal in the sun. Also, blueberry season is coming! I couldn't be more excited. When blueberry season arrives, oh, we attack it by force. Our entire freezer gets filled with enough berries for smoothies, pies, and frozen snacks until blueberry season rolls around the next year. 
And how could I forget... Today is Canada Day! Happy Birthday Canada!! You are one beautiful country. 

Much love, Vivi 


  1. Your summer is looking lovely and so peaceful! It makes me long for a Canada summer instead of a Texas summer. Beautiful photography!

  2. you always remind me of all pretty things in this world.
    i'm really into ice coffee too lately. but since i live in Bali, everyday is summer here, and ice coffee is mandatory for me.